Barn Door 2000

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Barn Door

Last week Ethan Pringle and photographer Damon Corso were in town to spend some time on the Chattanooga sandstone. Ethan was really excited about Barn Door 2000, a V12 established by Jimmy Webb earlier this season.

Alex Savage attempting Barn Door 2000

This was a very well known project at Little Rock City for years and years. The wall starts with a slopey seam which stops halfway up the wall to leave a four foot section of blankness. Many people had tried it, several had been close but Jimmy finally claimed the FA in October.

I know what you’re thinking after watching that video, it’s looks easy, right? WRONG! Don’t be fooled by Jimmy. He’s one of the most talented climbers in the country and he is VERY good at dynos.

Since the first ascent, the boulder has been climbed once, by visiting Ty Landman who managed to put it down in about an hour which was very impressive to see!

A few other locals have been putting in a lot of effort on the line, Rami Annab in particular is really close to snatching the last hold.

Rami Working Barn Door 2000

Rami and Ethan have come really close to sticking the dyno but it’s such a bizarre move that actually hanging onto the small crimp you are jumping for is surprisingly difficult.

Ethan Pringle staring down Barn Door

Ethan Pringle

Ethan Pringle attempting Barn Door 2000

Looks like he stuck it!



Ethan was able to get to the dyno on his second try but after three days of effort couldn’t pull off the send. Cold temps are quickly disappearing in the South so Barn Door may have to wait until next year for another ascent.

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