Between the Trees

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Squamish offers a varied array of trails. From its manicured groomer-esque Half and Full Nelson trails, to old school rooty, rocky, primarily fall line trails such as Powersmart. This is what makes the town such a renowned area for mountain biking. Read More

Fast Forrest

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Forrest is a man of few words. If you meet him, he won’t tell you he is faster than you and his kit is brand new. He won’t tell you he consistently places top five in Canada Cup and BC Cup races. He won’t tell you that he’s just returned from racing World Cups in Europe. At first glance he seems like another easy going guy from the West Coast. But put him on a bike going downhill and you will see the fast side of Forrest. When it comes to racing, he means business. He is constantly analyzing. Picking the best line, studying training books, refining his bike, and pushing his limits to reach his goals.

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December Loam

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Living amidst the rain forests of the Pacific Northwest, a day with cloudy skies and fog so thick you can’t see the house across the street isn’t abnormal. When Jeremy called asking if I wanted to come out filming, I thought to myself, doesn’t he know that it’s December? That it’s been snowing for two days and you can’t see more than 15 feet in front of you? Do I really want to leave my warm house and haul 30 pounds of camera gear up and down the mountainside in these conditions? But I couldn’t say no to Jeremy’s endless psych, and I knew that if he had something he wanted to film it would be special. I layered on thermal and rain gear in a haze that morning and hauled my equipment out the door to meet Jeremy and Pat.
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Fall Rides

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We at Savage Films have made a lot of rock climbing videos but this is our very first mountain bike edit. Featuring Pat Foster and Jeremy Norris shredding incredible Squamish terrain on their “little” bikes.

Western Gold: Leavenworth

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We are excited to release a free excerpt from our feature film Western Gold! If you enjoy this segment and haven’t seen the full film yet, head over to our store and download it!

This segment features some of the best lines in the greater Leavenworth area including Kyle O’Meara making the second ascent of the incredible highball All of the Above V12.

Jeremy Norris and Pat Foster flying down their trail Hybrid

Squamish Photo Dump

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Squamish is a magical place with a lot to keep you busy. The weather is highly unpredictable but when it’s dry you have a lot of options from bouldering, to sport climbing, trad climbing, mountain biking, kite boarding, hiking, swimming at a lake, etc etc. The weather has been ridiculously good recently, with a streak of 6 weeks of sunshine and virtually no rain. I’ve mostly split up my time between bouldering and mountain biking. I had done a little bit of biking in the south many years ago but the mountain biking up here is something else. The whole sea to sky corridor is a huge destination that people travel from all over the world to experience.

Jeremy Norris. Photo by Pat Foster.

The terrain is what makes this area spectacular for biking and the locals have made good use of it, with trails built in virtually every forest around Squamish. There are probably more bike trails than paved roads here. I’ve been out filming with two talented local downhill riders, Pat Foster and Jeremy Norris. They ride ungodly fast down terrain I can’t fathom riding on two wheels. Look for that video in a few weeks.

Video still of Jeremy Norris and Pat Foster flying down their trail Hybrid

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The three little bears

Grizzly Cubs

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I like to keep my traveling spontaneous which has led me to some incredible places over the years. This time it was a detour up through Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. I had been to Yellowstone the previous year but never visited the Tetons.

I’ve seen a lot of mountains all over the world and the Tetons were some of the most impressive I’ve ever laid eyes on (click the photos to enlarge).

The Tetons

The 13,800 foot Grand Teton

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Let’s drive across the country again!

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Sorry for the lack of blog posts in the past few weeks… months… years… I’ve been busy lately.

I spent the winter and spring in Chattanooga TN editing my new film Western Gold and getting it ready for release. I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out and with the incredible feedback I’ve been receiving. Before I started filming for Western Gold I invested a lot of money in new camera and video equipment and really set out to take my craft to the next level. If you have ever enjoyed any video I’ve made then you will love Western Gold because it is leaps and bounds above anything I’ve created before.
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