Western Gold Trailer

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Experience the beauty of bouldering in an action packed film set in the stunning locations of Leavenworth Washington, Castle Rocks Idaho, Red Rocks Nevada, Cody Wyoming, and Squamish British Columbia. From the hardest to the tallest the west coast has to offer, get ready to see something new.

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Flying Marc


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I heard about a sandstone bouldering area just an hour from Yellowstone and I thought I had better check it out while I was in the area. I would rather see a new place than go back to an area where I’ve spent a lot of time. I like to travel in case you hadn’t guessed that already! You never know what to expect when hitting a new place and that’s what keeps things interesting.


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Montana, Wyoming

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I left Squamish last week on my long journey back east to Atlanta to catch up on family time and to edit my film. My plan for the trip was to stop in Yellowstone for a few days before heading to Denver to spend a couple weeks climbing in Colorado.

the road

At some point while driving through Montana I started wondering if there was any bouldering to be done there. A quick google search yielded a Montana bouldering blog which indicated there was a bouldering spot a mere three miles off the interstate near Butte. I’d never heard of any bouldering in Montana but I had to at least check it out, right?
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