Grizzly Cubs

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The three little bears

I like to keep my traveling spontaneous which has led me to some incredible places over the years. This time it was a detour up through Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. I had been to Yellowstone the previous year but never visited the Tetons.

I’ve seen a lot of mountains all over the world and the Tetons were some of the most impressive I’ve ever laid eyes on (click the photos to enlarge).

The Tetons

The 13,800 foot Grand Teton

Jackson Lake and The Tetons

Oxbow Bend - Teton National Park

You don’t have to go far in these national parks to find wildlife but we were especially lucky on our short trip.

Yellow Bellied Marmot enjoying a flower snack


Pronghorn - fastest land mammal in Western Hemisphere

Pronghorn reserving its 50+ mph speeds for after we left

Baby Bison


Mama Grizzly peaks over the grasses

Grizzly cubs play with mama in background

Grizzly cubs play with mama in background

Mama bear scratches an itch

Mama bear

Baby bear digs for food

Mama bear

The three little bears

Last year I spent three days in Yellowstone and produced a short film to share the incredible landscapes and wildlife. If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look:

From Yellowstone we continued our northwest journey to Leavenworth WA which continues to be one of my favorite destinations. It’s a small town surrounded by beautiful mountains and rivers. The town is only at 1,200 feet but if you drive up icicle to the boulders there are 4,000 foot mountains in sight and I’m told if you hike up those you will see 10,000 foot mountains just beyond. Even in late May people are taking their skis up the big hike to those snowy peaks to get some skiing in.

Leavenworth - still from Western Gold

We enjoyed a few days bouldering with old friends in Leavenworth and then continued on our way towards our final destination, Squamish BC.

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