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2011 is looking to be another great year filled with even more climbing, traveling, and filming. I don’t know if I can pull off another international trip this year but if I can, New Zealand is at the top of the list!

I started off the year with the sale of my first film, Orange Crush. It is shorter than a typical climbing film but also much more affordable and only available for download. I don’t think this format has been used much in the industry up to now and so far the reception has been amazing. I will be expanding on this format this year with a film from Hueco Tanks. I’m planning for that to be closer to 45 minutes and also available only as a download. If time allows I’ll also make a film in Joe’s Valley but my schedule is filled with filming for my first full-length DVD. The DVD will feature lesser known (but stellar) bouldering areas in the US. I’m very excited about that project and I know you will be too once you see the finished product. You can expect the quality to take a dramatic step forward from my previous work since I’ve picked up a whole new arsenal of video gear.

Every year I return home to the South for the holidays to see my family and to enjoy some of the best rock in the world. The sandstone here is unreal, I would choose it over Font any day since it has more texture and more friction. If you haven’t climbed on proper sandstone before, you need to plan a trip! The South is as good as any area in the country with the only downside being a high probability of rain.

Rescue 911, Rocktown

I’ve been trying to have a proper session on The Shield at LRC for the past three years. The first year I was only home for a few days and the one day I got out there it was 30 degrees, windy, and snowing. Last year I tweaked my finger at LRC on King James. This year I tweaked a different finger on my last day in Red Rocks. Thus I haven’t been doing a lot of climbing and have been sticking to moderates, of which there are many classics to choose from.

Golden Throttle, Rocktown

I was scheduled to fly back to Vegas yesterday but the snow in Atlanta has caused a two-day delay in my departure.

Snowpocalypse 2011

I’m flying back to Vegas tomorrow for a couple more weeks of filming before I head down to Hueco.

Red Rocks, Nevada


  • DaveH says:

    I’m not interested in DVD any longer really. I enjoy high definition.

    Alex, for your future films via download – do you think that you could produce them in a way that works on the PS3? I copied your Orange Crush to my PS3 and it wasn’t recognized. Keith Bradbury’s films work fine however.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Alex Savage says:

    Thanks! That’s a good idea Dave, I’ll see what I can do on the next go around with better compatibility.

  • Jack Broch says:

    Hey Alex
    I’m a European how have spend much time in Fontainebleau but now I’m take your advise and planing a trip to the south-east. This is where I’m planing on going, is there any other sandstone area’s that I’m missing out on?

    Horseshoe canyon ranch
    Boat Rock
    Little Rock City

  • Alex Savage says:

    Don’t go to Boat Rock, it’s granite and not worth traveling to. You should go to Rocktown though, it’s in Georgia. Horseshoe Canyon Ranch is a good 12 hour drive from the south east so if you are limited on time I wouldn’t go out there either.

  • Jack Broch says:

    Thanks for letting me know. On the list, Boat Rock is now replaced with Rocktown :-) Im going on a 10 month trip starting in Joe’s valley and then going anti-clockwise ending it in RRG so I should have time to see plenty of the southern sandstone.

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